May 16, 2010
Will host the show in Elluminate tonight:
I'll log in about 30 minutes early and make all of you moderators when you log in.
This is the full URL for participants if you have a problem with the TinyURL:

It is my AzTEA Elluminate site where I am the administrator so we shouldn't have any problems accessing it and saving the recording for posting later.

Show #: 127

GUEST: monika hardy, Lucas, Lauren, Austin, Morgan, Madi, Molly, Aimee, Chase, Emily, Gus

SKYPE: monika hardy (monk51295)

Show Host Skype Names:
Sharon (eebee1)
Cheri (drctedd)
Peggy (pgeorge1)

WOWS to be delicioused:

Our delicious tag for tonight: (use this format-year,month,date-no spaces: wow2_20090324)

Sharon: Youtube vid of Dan Pink: Drive.... Global Education Conference:

Cheri: Not with us tonight

Peggy: Yolink search engine for students. Searches are linked with many other search engines and tools such as Google apps, Sweet Search, Evernote, Diigo, EasyBib and more. Classroom 2.0 LIVE featured this on May 15 and the link for the full Elluminate recording and related resources is here: (Lucy Gray is now a consultant for yolink)
MoodleMeet course that I will be co-facilitating with Lorna Costantini and Kim Caise (my 2 Classroom 2.0 LIVE co-hosts) May 16-21
A free, collaborative, professional development opportunity to discuss "Connected Leadership." This will be a week of conversations, examples, strategies and ideas for leaders as we explore together what it means to be a "connected educational leader."
Participate to whatever extent you choose in the forums and conversations, or just view resources that interest you. Available 24/7, asynchronous activities except for an optional kick-off Elluminate session where we will introduce the course and brainstorm with participants on Sunday, May 16 at 7:00pm AZ time.

Register @

Monika's Sites:
Google Doc of students and presentation links that can be shared with others:


1. class ning
Croatia - culture via blogging & Freedom Writers... toast to change - Greetings from the World (CO glogster)
Hamza in Uganda - pen pals, groups on talk.ed, sell beads (money for bike and bandwidth), need to learn how to send money,
first encounter - July 09 - with Cape Town Lauren - @smartcookie1593
edtech_lauren_2.png edtech_hamza.png
Uganda and Croatia (and a stranger to us from Germany) meeting on our ning
groups: SICC (Students in Community Club) Act of Kindness Madi - @madibugu
me videos - **Gus** - to find expert tutors/mentors/peers for personal learning networks
pilot math class - self-automated cyclic grid - kids teaching how to use cells - student created projects (gus&molly)
& student made tutorials Chase @wrathofmobius

branching out:
2. New School ning (within Education Beyond Borders) - will be platform for a student created class next year Austin/Morgan
3. student 2.0 - Student 2.0 ning (via @SteveHargadon @JennyLuca @JackieGerstein )

Gabbi - group: college cacooncollege cacoon
- group ap human geo on talked first - then student 2.0
Emily -group: ted talks
because of and fashioned after:
tedx project - Christian Long, Texas @ChristianLong
tedxproject - canada - Richard Farmer, Canada @richfarm

the whole story:
4. redefine school -
(Innovation Lab- Lucas @mintybrownie, ....Your School Design It, Your PD Design It)
books to read: Linchpin / The Element (find/refine your passion/element/zone/flow/sweet spot); DIY U (educate - what will happen in higher ed); Rework (how to spend the 7 hours a day); will also be immersing in ted / bif talks
student created courses for 2010 Gus @GusWaneka
livemocha- Molly @zombiewaffles

how to make it happen:
5. fridge worthy- marketing - educating the community Lucas

how to validate:
6. a way to assess - beta tool -
just out by @WendyDrexler - yay
monika & Jim Folkestad - @jimfolk - on uni help/buy in

more videos/etc:
what if school were real life
more - students in action
huge collection via voicethread: school
kool beans Ben
Lucy Buck in Uganda with childsi
Jackson and Ben via Cape Town

why so crazy about sharing...
it's not just an opportunity, it's a responsibilty - via Gus
where we've shared - under "innovation lab"
our philosophy

Questions for (Guest):