December 6, 2009
(Sharon is away in California for this night) Sheila Adams will stream tonight.

Show #: 118

GUEST: Cheryl Ball (invitation sent) - media literacies


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Cheryl E. Ball (s2ceball)
Matthew Wendling (matthewdwendling) (Cheryl's student)

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Cheri: - change the language in Facebook to Pirate, it's a hoot - create cartoons/comics
(1) K12 Online Conference Begins!! Week 1: Dec. 7-11; Week 2: Dec. 14-18Schedule for all presentations:
(2) Article by Terry Freedman-Best Use of Technology in Schools Awards by BECTA (formerly known as the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency)--includes link to videos from award-winning schools. The ICT Excellence Awards is an awards scheme open to all schools which aims to identify and reward excellence in Information & Communications Technology (ICT). The awards acknowledge UK schools approaching technology in outstanding or innovative ways.
(3) My Secret Elfster gift--fantastic idea!
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Loan Request

Raised so far

(Guest) Sites:
Welcome to my digital (tenure) portfolio. I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of English at Illinois State University where I teach classes in multimodal composition, digital media, composition theory, and digital publishing. I am also editor of Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy.
My teaching, research, and service demonstrate an agenda focused on multimodal composition practices in English studies (also called ‘new media studies’ in this context). Multimodal composition can be defined as the production of texts that use several modes of communication (i.e., audio, video, animation, color, interactivity, written text, etc.) often, although not exclusively, using digital technology. I teach students how to compose rhetorically effective multimodal texts, teaching them that a text’s audience, purpose, and context correlate to the media choices they make. In my scholarly editorial work with Kairos, I perform similar pedagogical aims for scholarly purposes, helping authors craft their digital, multimodal work for the best articulation across media and modes of communication possible. The result of this pedagogical and scholarly work is a body of research built on student-produced and peer-reviewed multimodal scholarship.
Kairos Journal link:

Questions for (Guest):
  1. Cheryl, please describe your position and what your specialties are.
  2. How did you get interested in multimodal composition?
  3. Talk a little about the journal that you edit.
  4. Please introduce Matthew and give us some background.
  5. Please describe the course project and results.

December 20 Guest/Topic: (Peggy is in North Carolina and will most likely not be able to participate)