Sunday, November 15, 2009


Show #: 117

GUEST: (Confirmed) Daneah Galloway, her middle school students and Jeff Utecht, Bangkok, Thailand to tell the story of Operation Smile and their recent field trip.
Email from Jeff:
Thank you for the offer. We talked to the kids today and they are super excited.....well the girls were anyway. 8 of them will join you at 8:30am next Monday. They are so looking forward to it.
If you have questions ahead of time that you would like them to answer I can pass them along. They will be 5,6 and 8th graders. If not...they're a pretty talkative bunch so I'm sure they won't have any issues talking your ear off on the podcast. :)

Jeff: jeffdaneah

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Important reminder to everyone in the Skype call per Sheila: mute the ustream in case it plays automatically for them while they are in the ett chat. Also, during the video, everyone needs to be quiet too. (Not sure if you will hear it. I'm assuming you will.) I'll be muted the whole time.
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We'll begin the WOWs of the Week with Jeff, Daneah and students. This was Jeff's thought about the WOWs which is an awesome suggestion!
I'll talk to the kids and see if they have any good websites to share. What I might have them do if we don't get time to have them think about that is just have them give their blog address here at school and talk about what kind of things they post on their blog? As we continue to teach our students about the importance of audience I think it would be good for them to start understanding how you spread a the same time I think it would be cool on the podcast to listen to students who are blogging talk about their blogs and what kind of things they put on their blogs.

I of course will have a cool website/tool of the week and Daneah can talk about Operation Smile here in Thailand and the partnership between our school and the organization.

Sharon:, (21 Interesting Ways to Use Audio in your Classroom)


ScribbleMaps: - customizing maps
Lovely charts: - concept mapping
Live statistics of the web:

Jibbigo: Voice translation app for iPhone Speak in English and it translates in Spanish and vice versa.
Phil Tulga: Music Through the Curriculum (Warning-sound starts to play when you click on the link) Playing Fraction Pies (adding fractions to make rhythms)
The Fraction Pie Rhythms activity connects your knowledge of fractions and equivalency to musical notes and rhythms. Simply choose your fractions and press play — your fractions will transform into a musical composition you can see and hear! You can also change the time signature, email rhythms to your friends, and select between four playing sounds: 1) Taiko drums, 2) Clapping, 3) Orchestral Snare drum, and 4) the sound of Water! Includes many other creative musical experiences: Field Trips (Aztec Drum Rhythms, Drum Language in Ghanaian Schools, Drum Language of the Congo), Language Arts, Math and Science, Homemade Instrument Projects. Excellent for students who learn best through other senses beyond language such as ELL, Special Ed, but all students will be engaged with the projects and benefit from them. Be sure to check out the Cucumber Pickle Machine. Phil shows students how to make rhythmic meters by combining two and three syllable words, i.e., pickles and cucumbers. In this activity you can make your own meters with this talking Cucumber Pickle Machine.

50 iTouch and iPhone apps for education:

(Guest) Sites:

YouTube video of the students talking about their Operation Smile experience (3:04): (Let's give everyone the link to view in their own browsers as part of the introduction of the group and their project--just in case they aren't able to view the ustream tonight--see related notes)

Daneah Galloway Blog:
Jeff Utecht Blog:
Operation Smile:
Operation Smile Donation Site:

Student Blogs:

Excerpts from Daneah's blog post about this experience:
I found myself agreeing at the last minute to take 9 Middle School Students on a three day trip to Surin, Thailand. This trip involved a six hour bus ride each way, two nights in a hotel, and coordinating with another organization. This organization was Operation Smile.
For all of my reluctance and last minute stress, I am so glad that life did throw me this little surprise. This was an amazing trip with a phenomenal group of students. Each of these kids in his or her own way touched the lives of children and families during an incredibly emotional experience. From the screening day of trying to navigate hundreds of people asking for surgery for their children, to the surgical ward on the day surgeries started, to actually standing next to the doctors in the operating room while the surgeries were being performed…these kids showed that they were there to support these children and families in need.
So my final project is a video created, with a link to the donation website, that hopefully will encourage some to also reach out and touch these children’s lives. I know my life has been touched by this experience. Not just by the children and families needing surgery, but also by my students.

Questions for Guests (Jeff, Daneah and students):
Jeff, Feel free to take charge here and alternate introductions and participation with all who are there. Jeff and Daneah will introduce themselves and then explain who is in the room with them to participate in the webcast. We don't need to ask you questions as we go along--just tell us your story and if we have questions or there are questions coming up in the chat room, we'll ask them.

1. Please give us some background about yourself, your school and the community in which your school is located.
2. What kinds of technology access do your students and teachers have and use?
3. What is Operation Smile and why did your school decide to get involved with Operation Smile?
We'll provide the link to the YouTube video overview so people can view this in their browser, and then continue with the conversation. IMPORTANT UPDATE: SHEILA ADAMS HAS AGREED TO STREAM THIS WHOLE SHOW ON USTREAM.TV SO SHE WILL BE ABLE TO PLAY THE YOUTUBE VIDEO FOR EVERYONE THROUGH THE STREAM IF THEY ARE VIEWING IT ON USTREAM.
Tell us the story about how this came about.
4. Tell us about your recent trip to participate in Operation Smile (include planning logistics, costs, pre-arrangements with the hospital, etc). Would love to have the students share their stories here.
5. If another school community wanted to get involved in a similar project, what recommendations would you have for them? Would your students recommend this?
6. Owain what moved you to create this video? and why did you feel a youtube video was the best way to express what you experienced?
7. Ciel, why did you want to create this video? Why did a video make sense to you to spread the message about OP?
8. Is there anything else you would like to share about this experience?

WOWs of the week will follow the conversation about Operation Smile and we always start with our guests. It would be great to select a few of the student blogs for them to highlight. We can drop links into the chat for all of them but may not have time for each to describe their blog.