March 24, 2009
Show #110

GUEST: Dr. Jackie Gerstein
SKYPE: jaclynsue


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(1) New Mexico State University FREE RETA Webinars on Web 2.0 tools: Just had a fantastic session on using Picasa and Picasa Web Album last week. RETA is: Regional Educational Technology Assistance
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Jackie Gerstein's Sites:
Blog Shifting Pedagogy into the 21st Century (posted on Pageflakes)

Teaching with TED:
The intent of this project wiki is to address: How can the TED talks be used as springboards for further discourse, exploration, reflection, and action? The individual pages not only contain the original TED talks but also additional references, resources, and activities about the topic and/or speaker.
Being a 21st Century Learner and Teacher:
Action Research for Elementary Education:
Compilation of projects created by Jackie's students:
Jackie's CUE Conference presentation page:
Website: (includes curriculum vitae, online classes, teaching units, and much more)

Jackie's school/classroom is in Sahuarita, AZ-Intermediate School. Jackie is an awesome web 2.0 educator. Jackie is a lifelong learner with a passion for all aspects of authentic education. She has an Ed.D., a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, a graduate certificate in Gifted Education, and is working on another Masters degree - this one in Technology in Education. She teaches gifted elementary students and online Masters in Education courses.. "I don't do teaching for a living, I live teaching as my doing, and technology has AMPLIFIED the passion." Jackie was a presenter at the K12 Online Conference in 2008 (Creative Web Tools For and By Kids). She has created a fantastic site called WeeWebWonders for students ages 8-12 to collaborate in online projects. Wee Web Wonders is an interactive site to showcase educational and creative uses of the major web tools used in the Creative Web Tools For and By Kids program. These include, but are not limited to, VoiceThread, Scratch, Podcasts, Slide Sharing, Sketchcast. Each page features a student example of the use of that web tool, widgets for visitors to rate and review the tool, a place for comments, and some fun, interactive games. Teachers can email Jackie to join the project. Jackie has published several books including Metaphors for Living: Stories & Related Experiential Exercises for Individual, Group & Family Growth and Work in Progress: Facilitating the Human Side of Experience-Based Training.

Questions for Jackie:
1. What has been your personal educational journey? Where did it start and how has it led you to your current position in Sahuarita AZ?
2. How were you able to bring such full technology integration into your classroom in a school that has very little technology?
3. Tell us about your student project blog (Wee Web Wonders) and share some of your students' favorite tech tools and projects.
4. How do you manage to integrate all of the required academic standards into your project based classroom? How do you demonstrate this to your parents, administrators and teaching colleagues?
5. We were so excited to learn that you are a published author! Tell us about your books and what led you to write and publish them?
6. Tell us about your Teaching with TED wiki and how teachers can get involved in the wiki. Can anyone join?
7. Have you been able to introduce and encourage the teachers at your school to begin to incorporate more technology into their learning environments and how have you approached that? What are the challenges and your best tips for doing this?
8. You and some of your students recently took a trip to Mexico with your XOs. Tell us about that experience.