Educon 2.1 Reflections
Host: Sharon Peters
Guests: Lori Sheldon, Linda Nitsche

WOWS of the Week

Cheri: Jing:, Pecha-Kucha:

90+ Online Photography Tools and Resources (shared by Angela Maiers on Twitter-awesome compilation!)
Friend Deck FriendDeck is an aggregator built upon FriendFeed that looks just like TweetDeck with same features-can save searches/groups
FYI-Here's an example of what the page looks like on FriendDeck. My only issue so far with it is that it doesn't seem to be most recent tweets.

Questions for Guest
What were your over-all impressions of Educon 2.1 as a virtual participant? as a f2f participant? Highlights and lowlights?
Share your most memorable session and explain why.
What is your main "takeway" from the conference and what are your plans for next steps on your learning/discoveries?
Share a personal story/highlight from the experience whether virtually or in person.
What are three words that capture Educon 2.1 for you? (share in chat and create an instant Wordle from them??) Could be a name, concept, key word from a session, technology tool, etc.