January 20, 2009

Special Guest: Angela Maiers

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WOWs of the week:

Flowgram (previously shared as a tool on WOW2 back in September)
Excellent Flowgram created to explain what is web 2.0 and some useful tools for the classroom
PodStock-New podcasting Ning network created by Kevin Honeycutt for all educators interested in podcasting.
Visit Podstock at: http://podstock.ning.com AND http://www.essdack.org/podstock/

The Moment - http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2009/44.president/inauguration/themoment/ - Photosynth technology
All the inaugural speeches: http://tinyurl.com/99v4h2

Sharon: http://sixminutes.dlugan.com/, http://blog.tech4learning.ca/2009/01/ada-lovelace-day/

Questions for Angela:

Could you please tell us a bit about your background and where you are working (teaching) now?
How did you become interested in literacy?
How would you define 21st c literacies?
Could you please tell us more about your new book "Classroom Habitudes"? What inspired you to write it and what would you say is your key message in the book?
What suggestions do you have for teachers to incorporate these essential habitudes into their teaching without feeling they don't have time to add one more thing to their already overwhelming responsibilities?