December 9, 2009

administrator at Glenbrook North High School.

Peggy George: Skype-pgeorge1

Peggy (2 related links) 1) Adventures in Podcasting Podcast by Shawn Wheeler-highlights a 2nd grade class in his district that created a video with the help of HS students to compete in a video competition called "Interactive Classroom Makeover Contest". (; Interactive Classroom Makeover Contest site featuring videos created by all entries K-12 and the 3 grand prize winners who won $25,000 for a technology makeover and a party for their school ( Just have to share this too from the Britannica Blog: Happy Birthday, Mouse: A Ubiquitous Piece of Technology Turns 40. Amazing photo & short video demonstration of the first mouse.

1. Ryan, lately have talked a lot about "being educated". Can you explain a bit more on what exactly you feel that means and the importance of it?

2. Ryan, recently you became a father. How has that changed your view of education, future education, and opportunities for Finn?

5. Explain how "your team" has worked. Strengths of both, areas you compliment each other, what accomplishments have you had, what are goals coming up.

6. How has having a moodle changed the school environment. Is this a portal for teacher's as well as students??

7. Exactly what do you do? (smiles)

8. How are you dealing with reluctance to new ideas?

9. Envision a student who has gone through your high schools entering college, or the work force, what impact do you hope you have made on their education and their life (even remotely and unseen)

10. Is it really pretty right now in IL??